still searching for anonline income opportunity

today, i woke up recharged and hurried to open my smart tv so i can check my e-mails to see if i made money online. i went through all 34 emails, but none bear the news i want to get. what i got ere invites to watch yet another salespitch to  an internet moneymaking system. as always, by the end of the video, i was  sick to my stomach because the marketer will urge me to download the ssystem for a fee. my usual action. no thanks. i will then go to goggle to research if the system is legit. more often than not, it has negative reviews.  i ask myself, will i find a legitimate business online? how many days and hours will i spend just to find it. i am scolded by my children because my addiction to find an online source of income is getting out of hand.i forget to eat,forget to take a bath. i know if i educate myself with online marketing knowledge i will be able to generate residual income online. 


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